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Our pure saffron: a treat for your taste buds and care for your health

Afghan saffron of Category 1, of high quality and rich in active ingredients. Packaged in a designer glass jar, from which you can take the stigmas using the bamboo tongs offered.


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NIIDA Saffraan staat bekend om zijn exclusieve saffraan van ongeëvenaarde kwaliteit, bekroond tot de beste ter wereld door het International Taste Institute in Brussel en indrukwekkend bevonden door een panel van 200 internationale topchefs.

Use as you please to enhance your culinary preparations or to flavour your teas or infusions during your gourmet breaks.

Count 2 to 3 pistils of saffron per person that you will let soak 30 minutes in a little warm water, before using them with their soaking water to bring gastronomic notes to your soups, fish dishes or fruity desserts.

Quality Super Negin

Origin Afghanistan

Year 2022

Category 1 , Grade A

Test : Double ISO 3632 ( Categorie 1 ) EUROFINS BE

Packing Ostend, Belgium | OGM-free en pesticide-free

Our saffron enjoys a prestigious reputation, each stigma is selected by hand to guarantee outstanding quality.

Niida saffron is a Category 1 saffron, Class A+, the classification given exclusively to luxury saffron. Our saffron is double tested in Belgium and France, according to ISO 3632, and is tested to the highest levels of colour (Crocine), aroma (Safranal) and flavour (Picocrocine).

100% pure and unadulterated saffron. No impurities, additives, GMOs or toxins....

Saffron adds a delicate flavour to all your dishes. Remember that this spice has a strong flavour, you only need a little to flavour your dishes. A few pistils provide unique flavour sensations and a golden colour so characteristic of saffron

This premium saffron can be stored for many years without losing its qualities if protected from light and moisture.

Our saffron is grown in ancestral ways, carefully harvested by hand and comes directly from an Afghan agricultural cooperative.

How to use saffron ?

Discover ideas for recipes with saffron on our blog

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7 reviews for NIIDA-saffraan

  1. Miriam

    Delicious saffron ! Intense flavour

  2. Marieke

    I use it to make dessert, and everyone loved it. the smell is also very nice. I will buy again.

  3. Delfien

    For top-quality saffron, NIIDA is the place to be!

  4. Nera

    Tasty and delicious saffron, highly recommended.

  5. Nishan

    Definitely meets my expectations! Top quality saffron

  6. Sabine

    excellent quality, very beautiful packaging

  7. Abu Afree Andalib (verified owner)

    I used it for a traditional dish. The flavor and coloring are very intense and it met all my expectations.
    Definitely Recommended!!

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