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About NIIDA-Saffron


About saffron... A Love Story

My story is one of thousands of Afghan refugees who had to flee their war-torn country to find asylum in Europe.

I arrived in Belgium in appalling conditions, but I was lucky to be received by kind-hearted people who cared for me when I was alone and helpless.

Thanks to them, I rebuilt my life here, but the memories of my previous life in Afghanistan remained. I always remember my father in our garden, cultivating with love and patience all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Today he is no more. May he rest in peace, but he passed on to us this love of the land, a land rich in spices. 

One of the spices Afghanistan is so rich in touches my heart because it reminds me of my mother's cooking: Saffron. 

It awakens in me such strong taste and emotional memories that I decided to share these sensations with my adopted country. That way, I could let my adoptive taste the Saffron of Afghanistan, recognised as the best in the world for the fourth consecutive year by the International Institute of Taste and Quality in Brussels. See here

But do you know saffron?

Saffron from Afghanistan comes from a unique mix of soil, water and sunshine. The richness and fertility of the soil, the purity of the mineral-rich water, a dry climate and abundant sunshine make it possible to produce the best saffron in the world.

Saffron is the only spice in the world that comes from a flower, the delicate purple Crocus Sati flower that blooms once a year. It is harvested exclusively by hand at dawn when the flowers emerge from the earth and before they bloom.

Each flower gives 3 stigmas and 200,000 stigmas are needed to make 1 kilo of saffron.

It takes long hours of work to obtain a product of exceptional quality. 

My wife and I have contacted saffron producers in the mountainous region of Herat to offer you a high quality saffron exclusively cultivated by women.

These women brave difficult conditions for the sake of their families by cultivating this precious flower.

It is out of respect for these women and out of love for my mother and her saffron recipes that I am proposing to you today to discover our NIIDA Saffron, whose name itself is a sweet dedication to our daughter, our little Crocus flower...


We offer you the saffron in different, easy-to-use forms:

- our pure saffron: a treat for your taste buds and care for your health 

- our organic acacia honey enriched with NIIDA saffron comes from Piedmont, the mountainous region of northern Italy renowned for its fine cuisine and wines.

- our organic Fleur de Sel, harvested in the heart of the Camargue salt marshes in the south of France, flavoured with NIIDA-saffron

– nieuw: exclusieve ambachtelijke Belgische pralines met saffraan

Our NIIDA-Saffron

Our NIIDA-saffron uit Afghanistan wordt getest door een gecertificeerd laboratorium volgens de Europese norm: ISO 3632-2 en is geclassificeerd als categorie 1. Deze certificatie is de garantie voor de hoge kwaliteit en de rijkdom aan actieve werkzame stoffen in onze saffraan. 

Did you know that pure saffron is undoubtedly one of the most healing plants in existence?

1/ Rich in antioxidants, it has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and even antitumor properties. Saffron is also an excellent stimulant for the digestive system.

2/ Furthermore, saffron is used as an antidepressant as well as a stress reducer and for its anxiolytic properties.

3/ Lastly, saffron also acts on the adrenal glands (also known as suprarenal glands) that help restore the energy balance of the human body by promoting the production of important hormones.


In the kitchen: 

To enhance your dishes, count on 2 to 3 pistils per person, which you can leave to soak for 30 minutes in a little warm water, before using them with their soaking water to add gastronomic notes to your soups, fish dishes or fruity desserts.

Here you will find some recipes to inspire you, but above all, let your imagination run free, you will be surprised. 

For your well-being:

Against the seasonal depression of winter or in case of overwork, mental or physical fatigue, a regular consumption of saffron is recommended.

You will then use 15 saffron threads for 1 litre of water to prepare a soothing infusion that you will drink throughout the day.

It will also allow you to fight against the small evils of the winter because saffron is indeed a very good stimulant of the immune system.

Please note that the saffron must be added to unboiled water in order not to destroy the healing effect.

Discover NIIDA-Saffron
Niida Saffraan honing met saffraan

Our Organic Acacia Honey

Our organic acacia honey enriched with NIIDA saffron comes from Piedmont, the mountainous region of northern Italy renowned for its fine cuisine and wines.

Its aromatic notes of flowers, almonds and vanilla bean blend elegantly and subtly with the aroma of Niida saffron.

Enjoy it for breakfast on a slice of sourdough bread, a real treat... 

This saffron honey, harvested in accordance with the codes of environmentally friendly beekeeping, is not pasteurised and thus retains its taste, aroma and nutrients. The minerals, enzymes and trace elements contribute to its unique nutritional value and make it a daily ally of our health. 

Enjoy the calming and soothing properties of honey and saffron by adding a spoonful to your herbal tea or other cold or hot beverage (not boiling) so as not to alter the active ingredients.

Discover the Organic Acacia Honey x NIIDA-Saffron

Our Fleur de Sel of Camargue with NIIDA-Saffron 

Our Fleur de sel(also known as French Sea Salt) considered the best in the world, is harvested in the heart of the Camargue salt marshes in the south of France. The salt is unrefined, untreated, free of additives and 100% natural.

This exceptional sea salt is rich in trace elements such as iron, manganese and other minerals that are essential to our body. Calcium, magnesium, iodine and potassium are also among its secret weapons. In addition, its reduced sodium content makes it an ally for your health.

Chefs use this unique sea salt to add a refined, delicate touch to their dishes.

Combined with NIIDA-saffron, this exclusive sea salt adds an elegant touch and a delicate flavor to all your dishes. The Fleur De Sel is fine-grained and full of minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. It is recommended to add salt at the end of the preparation. Afghaanse NIIDA-saffraan geeft het zout een elegante toets en een delicate geur aan al uw gerechten, vooral aan gerechten met wit vlees of vis.  

Ontdek de Fleur de Sel x NIIDA-saffraan