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Our mission

NIIDA-Saffron takes social responsability.

Our mission is part of a social project to improve the daily lives and access to education of young orphans in Afghanistan.

Because every child has a right to nutrition, protection, care and education.

Because every child has a right to decent living conditions.

But decades of conflict have made these rights virtually inaccessible in some parts of Afghanistan.

Part of the profit will go to young orphans in Afghanistan, who are war-traumatised and live on the streets.

Hereby we want to support the education of children, boys and girls in Afghanistan.

We believe that the education of Afghan youth is the key to the sustainable reconstruction of Afghanistan. Our mission in Afghanistan focuses on children without parents or caregivers, children working on the streets.

The goal: to give young children in Kabul and the countryside around the capital the care and support they deserve so that they can grow and develop in the best possible way.

children in Afghanistan

Towards the establishment of an NPO

The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan has displaced one million people.

In large parts of the country, distress is high and people are starving, especially in areas where there is a lot of fighting. Many Afghans cannot meet their basic needs. Poverty and hunger are daily realities for them.After four decades of war, there is still no end to the violence.

More than half of all Afghans in need of emergency assistance are children. An entire generation of Afghan children and youth - over 3.5 million - are growing up without education. The majority are girls. There are few teachers in the country, which creates a barrier for many girls to go to school.

Our ambition is to set up a NPO to support orphans in and around Kabul. What will the projects be?
Sponsoring children in need by providing them with food, basic healthcare and access to school.