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Core values



This involves successfully translating our customers' wants, needs and expectations throughout the entire customer journey.


Striving for excellence

At saffron, quality always takes precedence. We carefully select all the ingredients that make up our products. We carry out microbiological certification tests on every new batch of saffron in cooperation with the EUROFINS laboratory in Belgium.


Restoring health, happiness and connectivity

We believe that every human being has the fundamental right to health. By health, we mean physical, mental and social well-being. By claiming its holistic importance, we invest in creating a truly sustainable future.


Trusting nature

We are not separate from nature. We are nature. By trading and democratising Afghan saffron, we break down barriers, honour and embrace its ancient power and unleash its mighty power for all.


The elegance of the materials and the beauty of the details are as much reflected in the fragrance of our saffron as in the packaging. Niida Saffron products are exclusive creations with exceptional ingredients.

Respect for man and planet

We strive to live increasingly in harmony with our environment. We always try to reduce our impact on the environment wherever possible, and we constantly try to do better ourselves.