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Corporate Gifts

High-level accounts who do the most business with you throughout the year deserve top-level gifts.

NIIDA-Saffraan gifts boxes are perfect for your business relationships

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Business gift boxes that include a variety of premium products deliver an exceptional experience to VIP customers.

Attention To Detail

Thanks to its first-class positioning and its strong values, NIIDA-Saffron is also the preferred choice of many companies for a corporate gift for exclusive customers. Contact us for more information and a quote.

Flaagship products
Formats to offer
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Personalise your corporate gifts with:

Customisable labels

A6 personalised card

Fast delivery to your happy recipient

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Chefs and Pastry chefs

Whether you want to prepare your dishes with NIIDA-Saffron, glaze meats with saffron honey, decorate desserts or simply embellish cheeseboards, season your most delicate dishes, we offer you a special kitchen format of 600 g, 900 g or 1.2 kg of our products. Thanks to the designer jars and the airtight bamboo lids, you can store all NIIDA products perfectly. Contact us to find out which format is right for your business.

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